Quacker Basket (# 2300)

Decoy Duck (Top and bottom seperate to make it a basket)

N.C. State Fair First Place 1991 a Blue Ribbon Winner.

One year for N.C. State Fair I decided to make a basket in the shape of a duck. I purchased a plastic decoy duck in an antique store. The decoy served to guide me which I twisted and turned to match the emerging pine needle replica over the course of two weeks. Finally after making the head three times I was finished stitching. In order to be a basket it was made in two parts an upper and lower body. It was a Blue Ribbon winner.

The base part of the Duck measures 12" by 6" and is 2" high. The upper body measures 14" tail to beak and is 5" to the top of thead.

Overall base and upper body measure 7" high base to top of the head.

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