Standard Baskets

100Anniversary Basket0$51.00
101Anniversary Basket, Cedar base$104.00
110Bowl, Small$16.00
120Bowl, Caps$40.00
121Bowl, Caps, Small$26.00
122Dish, Small$19.00
140Bread Basket$67.00
141Bread Basket, Edge Rolled Over$67.00
142Bread Basket, Raffia0$74.00
143Bread Basket, Raffia, Edge Rolled Over$74.00
144Bread Basket, Round, Raffia$71.00
145Bread Basket, Round$65.00
146Bread Basket, Cedar$73.00
147Bread Basket, French Top Twist$65.00
148Heritage Bread Basket$68.00
149Flower Garden Basket$46.00
150Bread Basket, Round, Caps, Big$65.00
151Bread Basket, Round, Caps, Big, Raffia$100.00
152Bread Basket, Handle, Round, Caps, Big, Raffia$144.00
154Bread Basket Pine Cone Base (LobLolly & Longleaf)$80.00
160Circle Basket, Raffia , Small Coil$36.00
161Circle Basket, Small Coil$33.00
162Circle Basket, Large Coil, Raffia$41.00
163Circle Basket, Large Coil$38.00
164Circle Min. Oblong Base$17.00
170Cheekwood (Double Sided) 0 with raffia 0 without$73.00
200Colonial Basket$32.00
201Colonial Basket, Raffia$35.00
202Colonial Basket, Small$27.00
203Colonial Basket, Small, Raffia$28.00
204Colonial Basket, Small, Caps$34.00
205Colonial Basket, Caps$37.00
206Colonial Basket, Two Single Twist$42.00
207Colonial Basket with Cedar Base$40.00
208Large Colonial Side Twist$60.00
218Cracker Basket, Small$24.00
219Cracker Basket, Caps$45.00
220Cracker Basket$38.00
221Cracker Basket, Raffia$41.00
240Cross (Upright 7", Arm 5 1/2 ")$3.00
241Cross, Walnut Wafer0$4.00
242Star, Small (Approx. 1.50")0$3.00
243Star, Medium (Approx 3")$4.00
244Star, Large (Approx. 4")$5.00
245Star and Cross$15.00
246Star, Very Large$10.00
280Hot Mat$21.00
281Hot Mat, Caps0$30.00
282Hot Mat, Cedar (Large)$39.00
283Hot Mat, Cedar (Small)$26.00
284Hot Mat, and 5 Walnut Wafers$29.00
285Hot Mat, Oval, Caps$32.00
286Hot Mat, Caps and 5 Walnut Wafers$36.00
287Triangle Hot Mat0$34.00
288Ezekeiel Hot Mat0$64.00
300Italian Bread Basket$84.00
301Italian Bread Basket, Raffia$90.00
302Loaf Basket$64.00
303Loaf Basket, Raffia$69.00
304Wallet Basket$45.00
305Wallet Basket, Raffia$51.00
306Italian Bread Basket Caps no side wafers$76.00
310Loaf Basket, Two Single Twist (No side wafers)$53.00
322Miniature Basket with a Parallel Handle0$12.00
323Miniature Basket with a Parallel Handle & Raffia0$16.00
324Large Miniature Basket with a Parallel Handle0$18.00
325Large Miniature Basket with a Parallel Handle & Raffia$22.00
326Mid Basket Side Handle Wafers Parallel Handle$25.00
327Sub Minature Doll House Collector Basket With a Handle$34.00
328Sub Minature Doll House Collector Basket without handle$30.00
340Pin, Caps$28.00
342Basket Pin$15.00
360Victorian Basket$38.00
361Victorian Basket, Raffia$45.00
362Victorian Basket, Handle, Raffia0$54.00
380Sugar and Tea0$30.00
381Sugar and Tea, Raffia$35.00
390Tray, Cedar$99.00
399Four Twist Basket, Caps$58.00
400Two Twist Double Basket$47.00
401Two Twist Basket, Caps$53.00
402Four Twist Basket$50.00
403Top Twist Basket$42.00
406Four Twist, Single, Caps$82.00
407Two Twist, Single, Caps$53.00
510Two Twist, Handle, Caps$63.00
550Two Twist, Oval$49.00
600Bread Bowl$46.00
700Ezekiel Dish$52.00
701Ezekiel Bowl$45.00
702Ezekiel Bowl, Side Wafer Band$43.00
703Ezekiel Bowl, Base Wafer Band$39.00
704Ezekiel Dish, Caps$58.00
705Ezekiel Italian Bread Basket, Side Wafer Band$89.00
706Ezekiel Italian Bread Basket, Side Wafer Band, Raffia$94.00
707Ezekiel Bowl, Side Half Wafer Band$34.00
708Ezekiel Oval Top Coils$77.00
710Ezekiel Boat Top Band of 1/2 wafers$43.00
749Bread Basket, Wafer Spiral$98.00
750Bread Basket, Wafer Spiral, Raffia0$74.00
751Anniversary Ezekiel$74.00
760Shining Star$83.00
770Triangle Vision$58.00
780Hope Eternal (Cross)$125.00
801Ezekiel Chalice, Cap Center$55.00
900Tri Stage $80.00
1401Bread Basket With a Twist$98.00
1403Large Bread Basket & Raffia$131.00
1404Bread Basket Side Twist & Raffia$90.00
1405Bread Basket, 5 Nut Base and Handle$86.00
1406Bread Basket Three Nut Base0$88.00
1410Oval Ceder Double Twist0$68.00
7601Shining Star Instruction Book$30.00

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