Instructions and Pattern Books

An instruction book has all the detailed information needed to create the specific basket for any experience level. It teaches everything about basket coiling related to the specific basket as well as the unique aspects of the basket.

A pattern book includes the design and instructions unique to a specific type of basket including all the advanced skills of the basket. A pattern book does not include basic coiling information. If you own any instruction book you can refer to the basic information as needed.

The instructions contained in my books are the result of many years of teaching and providing material to support students as they make a basket in or after class. In presenting the material, I have written from the perspective of an instructor keeping in mind your needs as the crafter seeking to acquire the skills necessary to perform the various operations leading to a finished basket in which we may both take pride.

You will find that I provide an abundance of figures coordinated with the text in order to guide you through the various stitching instructions. As an example of the detail, I have anticipated your stitching needs by defining the length of thread you will need in certain operations where extending thread is very cumbersome.

IB-148 Heritage Basket Instructions $30
PB-148 Heritage Basket Pattern $20
IB-149 Flower Garden Basket Instructions $30
PB-149 Flower Garden Basket Pattern $20
IB-160 Circle Basket Instructions coming soon
PB-160 Circle Basket Pattern $20
IB-200 Serving Basket Instructions coming soon
PB-200 Serving Basket Pattern coming soon
IB-144 Round Basket Instructions coming soon
PB-144 Round Basket Pattern coming soon

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