Cheekwood (IB-170)

This basket design was inspired while visiting Nashville, Tennessee. My wife and I toured a museum, called the Cheekwood Museum of Art; which contained a collection of beautiful artworks. One of the small porcelain baskets on display had a center dividing two tapered sides. I admired the simplicity, yet elegance of this piece. This artistry stimulated me to consider its unique form for a pine needle basket. My goal was not to copy the article, but to interpret, its beauty into pine straw, through my eyes and emotions. I made a hand sketch, to help me recall the basic features of the work, and the approximate size and proportions. A Blue Ribbon, at the North Carolina State Fair, has confirmed the pine needle vision. The basket in this instruction book is similar to one like the Blue Ribbon winner, but simplified for the classroom and the instruction guide.

This book covers the construction of the following basket: 170 Cheekwood (Double Sided) 0 with raffia 0 without

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