Spiral Basket (IB-750)

Spiral Wafer Basket & Raffia

This basket design is inspired by our solar system, the sun at the center and planets in orbit rotating about it and held in place by gravitational forces. The walnut wafer center provides a starting point for a continuous coil. The basket begins with a coil stitched to the wafer with nylon thread and then the coil, formed with longleaf pine, joined by stitching the coil to the previously formed coil. The coiling proceeds to form the base and then as the side is stitched additional wafers are added one after each complete coiling. The wafers integrated into the coiling as an enhancement to the basket have a likeness to the planets. In addition to its attractiveness, it is an excellent basket for serving baked goods or as an attractive display item as well.

This book covers the construction of the following basket: 750 Bread Basket, Wafer Spiral, Raffia

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