Tri Stage (IB-900)

Triangle Vision

The Tri Stage Basket concept brings together instructions progressing from the very basic in Stage I, to the next level of complexity Stage II to a more challenging basket in Stage III. At each stage, the crafter is given the option of completing a work or continuing. Techniques and methods explored in this instruction book are fundamental in many of the baskets, for which I have been awarded first place honors.

As with any new endeavor, the learning path may be challenging and tedious, not to mention frustrating but the result can be worth it all. Acknowledging this reality and drawing on my many years of experience making and teaching coiled pine needle basketry has motivated me to write my basic instruction book, so that the new crafter will experience success and pleasure after completing any one of the stages. This book contains over 100 illustrations, digital photographs and hand drawn figures to guide the crafter.

78 pages

This book covers the construction of the following basket: 900 Tri Stage

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