Stitch 地 Pine Business Information...

Stitch 地 Pine is not a full-time business endeavor. While I enjoy the art of basket weaving, my real passion is creating designs and documenting instructions so that others can learn the craft and help keep this artistry alive.

Stitch 地 Pine does not have a retail store or public gallery. Some of my work is available for sale at Midland Crafters in Southern Pines, NC and the Museum of Natural History gift store in Raleigh, NC. A few times a year I display and offer a variety of baskets for sale at the NC Farmers Market in Raleigh and various area craft fairs and basket makers conventions.

I take orders for instruction guides, pattern books, and occasionally a limited number of standard baskets.

I am willing to consider orders for basket making supplies and custom baskets or artwork on a limited basis with the understanding that delivery times may vary widely and will be negotiated at the time of any order.

All orders of any type are subject to shipping and handling as well as NC sales tax where applicable.

Any basket or artwork pictured on this website that does not have a listed price is considered a special order item. Requests for creating a copy or similar item would require a price and delivery quote, as well as a significant deposit. Special order items tend to vary in price between $350 to $2,500. Artwork items based on driftwood are not reproducible due to lack of similar materials.

If you desire to inquire about purchasing something, please send me an email describing your request along with your name, address, and phone number and I will reply with availability information and any other necessary details. From people I do not already know, I accept only cashiers checks and money orders payable to William Newman through the mail (no personal checks) or cash payments (not credit card payments) via PayPal.

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