The Pine Needle Artistry of Bill Newman...

Enchanted with the use of southern long leaf pine straw and black walnuts in basket weaving, and the desire to perpetuate this craft to future generations, a true ‘Blue Ribbon’ crafter has emerged in Cary, North Carolina. Bill Newman is constantly creating new designs, winning awards, and capturing the details of his craft in easily understood instruction guides that he uses to teach classes and makes available to those desiring to learn the art.

Pine needle crafting is part of our country's legacy, dating back at least to the Seminole Indians residing in the Everglades of Florida. Early settlers in the southeastern United States also stitched articles made with long leaf pine straw. Although, through the generations, new designs and materials such as the nylon stitching thread used in Stitch ’n Pine baskets have emerged, the basic basket coiling method used by the earliest basket weavers is still the method used today. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the crafters who have passed this legacy on, and Stitch ’n Pine is committed to continuing this fine tradition for future generations.

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into this ancient craft through the images presented on this website...

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